I am discovering new ways of using the tools of the web to communicate effectively. That is the main reason I am in this course. One aspect I never really thought about doing is letting people know how I will handle personal collected information. Stating the intentions and uses of personal information to visitors is something that needs to be done. In my own digital travels , and I’m certain yours, I have been tracked several times without my knowledge and without my consent-even when I’m told I wouldn’t be.

For that reason I not only write this ethical statement as a requirement, but I also understand the importance to follow it as stated.

Ethical Statement

Ideas and comments, photos and videos that appear on this blog are those of Rick E. Lewis unless otherwise noted. Any intellectual property not generated by the author that is used in the blog will be duly noted with attribution to copyright, authorship or any other legally required notation.

Items that will be posted will be part of the Empire State College course Digital Storytelling. The blog entries will be made in support of the course through the Fall 1 2015 semester.

With the exception of information provided voluntarily by visitors of this blog, no collection of data by Rick E. Lewis will be asked for or conducted. However, any visitors of this blog should be aware of the policies of WordPress.com. Terms of Service for WordPress can be found here at this link https://en.wordpress.com/tos/. In addition to the above mentioned items, the terms of agreement outlined by WordPress are followed by the user of this blog.

As mentioned above, Rick E. Lewis does not collect or use any information unless voluntarily provided by a visitor to this site. However, the site is  operated by a company called Automattic. Their policy and process for collecting visitors’ information is available at this link. https://automattic.com/privacy/

Visitors follow links on this blog, they should also be aware of  privacy policies of any materials posted on this blog from sources such as YouTube™, Vimeo™ , etc.


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