Collaborating For A Cause

The collaborative project.

I must say, working with people I never had a verbal conversation with and processing an idea into a final project is a first for me.

I’ve worked on several projects in the past, but this one was special and quite a bit different. I really wanted to create a video that didn’t rely on the technical qualities of good stock video and hired talent, but instead had content- content that would stand on it’s own.

The story I narrated was one that happened to me several years ago. I never really thought about it since that time. But the input by the team members and the content of this class gave me the opportunity to look within myself to find a story that was personal and relatable.

Norma mentioned that she was leaning toward a topic about helping someone. We bounced ideas around and the topic veered into several directions, but we ended up with a story with same meaning at the center. We were all able to contribute photos or footage (even sneak in a cameo) and in the end, tell the story we set out to tell.

Telling a story like this was what I wanted to do from the first day. That is the reason I took this class.


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