Digital Stories with One Image

In chapter 9 of Digital Storytelling, Lambert talks about designing your digital presentation. In the chapter he shows several examples of way to frame your digital story. One example (under the heading One Picture Many Pictures) that caught my attention features a video that uses a single photo that is cropped several different ways for a large portion of the story. That is one aspect of digital storytelling that I have found most interesting. The fact that you can tell a story with minimum visual elements.

I went to the web and searched for other examples of single image digital stories and found a trove of them. The following video links go to a site called “Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling. The video link below lead to a digital story that uses one image that slowly zooms out while the narrative and music carry the story. The expanding view of the scene gives more and more visual information as the story gives more and more aural content. It works.

Kindertransport: The Unknown Children of the Holocaust

Here is a second. The photo is static throughout.

Robin’s Market

While you could that the image of the market could be cropped to match the audio, the full screen shot of the market onscreen while the narrator describes the scene is a different approach.

Sometimes I find that too many times excessive edits never really show more or create more interest in a visual presentation. That is especially true in digital storytelling. The story is the most important element. The music and visuals are there to reinforce what is being told.

These examples show that less can be more.

Lambert, Joe. Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives Creating Community. 4th. New York: Routledge, 2013. Print.


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