Using Digital Storytelling Ideas from Class in the Real World

When I started this course, my intention was to learn how I could apply my video and journalist skills to the web. Well, the very first assignment offered me the chance to apply a new communication skill.

When we made a digital selfie and posted it in our blogs, it gave me the idea to apply it to a real project I was working on.

I have a multi platform project called “The Beer Next Door™”. I visit craft beer festivals, breweries, etc and post entries on Facebook, the website and compile the footage into a TV show of the same name. At the end of September I attended The Great American Beer Festival in Denver.  It’s like the Super Bowl of craft beer. I got an interview from the Bill Gates of Craft Beer. His name is Charlie Papazian.  While I was excited to get the interview for the show, I knew that many local home brewers and craft beer fans would love a chance to talk with him. That’s where the Selfie idea from class kicked in!

I reached out to the local community of craft beer enthusiasts and asked them to send a video selfie asking Charlie a question about craft beer.

I couldn’t believe how excited the local home brewers were. The biggest problem was getting their questions. Their reactions were like those of a child when the child meets Santa. You’d think the kid would be happy, but in many cases the child is terrified!

Well, these grown men took days to formulate their questions. I gave them a deadline that was before I left for Denver so I could prepare the files. I received them after I arrived in Denver and got everything ready for the next day’s interview.

Here are a couple of email comments I received from respondents:

Rick, this is surprisingly hard to do well, not to mention concisely… Here’s one attempt with a slightly shorter alternate to follow. Hope it works for you.  If it doesn’t, my feelings won’t be hurt.

Received the night before my interview explaining what took so long: Remember that Charlie is the godfather of home brewing…

I did get the questions I needed and the interview and I intend to use some in my TV show. Here is a question and response I posted on the Facebook page. I decided that this was a bit too long and esoteric for the casual TV viewer of the show so I posted it online.

Here is the video and response.


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