Hello It’s Me!

I am new to blogging. Here’s  a brief introduction to me:


SCENE: Sitting at a table in a bar with a glass of beer.

THINKING VOICE: I need to get ready to talk about my life! Where do I start?

VIDEO Footage from bands in the 80s

THINKING VOICE: Do I talk about spending a decade as a full time musician playing in the 80s?

Or my personal passion of producing Documentaries Or independent movies…(documentary and indy film footage)

VIDEO Sitting at a table in a bar holding beer

TALKING TO CAMERA: Of course I have to talk about the past 17 years working as a Creative Services Director for a TV station .

VIDEO – Me and Mindy Kalen,


Mindy: Rick, Rick and I are having a great time in Vegas.

Rick: We’re buds!

Mindy: We’re buds! Peace

VIDEO: Me with Simon Cowell, TV commercial

THINKING VOICE: I’ve gotta talk about how much I enjoyed meeting celebrities…Producing commercials…and TV shows

ON CAMERA At the table holding beer.

TALKING..and about resigning.

THINKING VOICE: Until 3 years ago we never, ever had news…and once we did I quickly learned I hated making news promos…Day in and day out…so I quit.

Music stops and video black

VIDEO: Assorted footage from ESC website

THINKING VOICE: So, now after all these years, I’m back in college…learning how to tell stories on the web and getting ready to make my first selfie video.

VIDEO: Back at main table finishing beer in fast motion

Talking directly to camera

Alright-I think I’m ready now! Graphics also onscreen

VIDEO: film leader followed by video through the camcorder viewfinder sitting at table

Talking directly to camera:Hi, I’m Rick E. Lewis…and I might be the oldest person in the class…Maybe.


Dancing With A Girl by Roger Wilco & The Radio Waves

Heavy by Huma Huma

Spider Juice by Silent Partner